The Night the Earth stood still – or at least in South Australia…

The day started out with beautiful blue skies and sunshine, it was quite warm for this time of the season, so off we all went – to our respective jobs.

Everyone in the office was commenting on the lovely weather and saying “well, maybe the Bureau of Meteorology were wrong”, for they had predicted a really bad storm was going to come our way. We all looked at the blue sky – with not a cloud visible – and laughed…

An hour later I looked out the window and the blue skies had turned to gray…the storm clouds were rolling in, but we didn’t realise at that time how mighty this storm was going to be.

Then the rain and the wind hit, the skies were a dark gray – almost black, but we were dry in the office and thought nothing of it. The lightening was spectacular and the thunder shook the building it was that loud…. sent tingles up my spine!!

It wasn’t until 3.45pm that the power just went out… Computers, lights, lifts in the building etc., at that stage I didn’t know if it was just our block or if was wider.

There was nothing for me to do but leave work (as I normally leave at 4.00pm anyway), 5 flights of stairs down to the outside of the building and out into the rain. My thoughts turned to people who may be trapped in the lift and I messaged my work colleague Jan, who had left a couple of minutes before the blackout, to see if she was trapped in the lift…luckily she messaged me later to say she was OK.

Paul was waiting to pick me up and then we had to try to get home. Then I realised that it wasn’t just our block, but the whole city… Trying to negotiate road junctions with other nervous road users, people taking silly risks and not being patient… I was so glad to get home.

We found out that the whole of South Australia’s power was down – and the Power Company didn’t know when it would be back on either, stating, “that it could be down for a long time”.

Lucky for us we have a gas cooker, so we have been boiling water for hot drinks and we have had a good old standby – bacon & beans with toast…. just to keep the chills out, all by candle light. Then Paul stood there with a torch whilst I did the washing up…LOL…


So we have been lighting candles all over the house (It’s kind of romantic), playing music on an old tape deck that runs on batteries, all rugged up with blankets and hot water bottles.

Outside the storm still rages, but it is eerily dark everywhere – no street lights, no lights in neighbour’s houses…all very spooky.

I stepped out in the back garden and could hear sirens, alarms going off, and even what sounded like gun shots.!!

This concerned Paul who made us get a few weapons of choice up together just in case – he believes there will be trouble tonight – maybe not here, but it is always good to be prepared….and would we use our weapons to defend our property….you better believe it!! We have locked the front gates, pulled down all the front roller shutters and secured the garage and side gate…. The only way into this house is through the roof, and if you get in that way – good luck to you because we have a pitbull… I bet he can chase someone down no matter how scared they are!!

We have no idea what is going on as the Internet is down and Vodafone has gone to SOS mode only…

So here we are, back in the dark ages – well that’s what it seems like, the earth has stood still for us – not a lot to do (unless you have a laptop and can write a blog in Word…LOL)…. It is charming to sit in candlelight and listen to lovely music without the noise of the world coming through at you from everywhere.











I have to wonder whether I will be going to work tomorrow if the power is still off…. There won’t be anything for me to do and I doubt if I will be able to get in the building…

The other thing I worry about is the $500.00 worth of food that I have in the freezer, which will spoil if the power doesn’t come on soon. The power has been off for just over 5 hours now. (I know, first world problems)

We are lucky though – we have a roof over our heads, clothes and blankets to keep us warm, food & drink, and the ability to have some light… I have to wonder about all the homeless on night’s like this – I bet all the hostels and refuges are full to overflowing….so sad..

I have predicted that the power will come on around 11.00pm – we shall see if my prediction is correct – or I am a fraud…LOL…  (PS – writing the next morning to tell you that I am NOT a fraud – the power came on at 11:01 pm)

Here is a poem I wrote in the silence of the night:

In the darkened, brooding skies she did wait,
To cast her rage against those who betrayed her in the earth below.

Out of her finger tips vivid strips of cracking light refracted through the clouds,
Her tremendous roar being heard like an earthquake throughout the land.

Tears streaming from her saddened eyes flooded the plains below
As her fire and ice breath circled around through the trees.

Enduring her pain she cast a spell to those who betrayed her heart,
Absorbing all their power from below, leaving them in the dark and cold,

The land is laid baron and forlorn,
Retribution has been made..

And she moves on…

They call her STORM!!









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Looking at things through different eyes…..

Greetings my fellow lovers of life,

Today I wish to talk to you about viewing  life from a different perspective.  Lately I have been feeling rather down, mainly due to the winter months….feeling fat, sick and tired all the time….but the other day – on our Caetlyn’s birthday, we went for a lovely drive down to the copper coast and had a most lovely day looking at nature, being fascinated by sheep, crows, beautiful scenery, old houses, farms, clouds, sunshine, the skies and the rain.

Paul and an old farmhouse that has been left to ruins.

Paul and an old farmhouse that has been left to ruins.

It got us (as a family) thinking about priorities in life, what we want out of life and how we want to go about achieving it.  Caetlyn decided she needed to cut back on Social Media, so she deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts – with doing that she has achieved writing some music.  Paul has decided that rather than spend all night after work just watching movies, we will watch one or two episodes of a series after dinner and then turn the television off around 8:30pm so we can do other things.

I have decided to return to my study and start taking care of my health…today I did half an hour on the treadmill and had good food to eat….I hope to carry that through for the rest of this week so that I can be fitter to start riding my bike to work when spring hits in a few weeks.

Paul found this picture which really has stopped us in our tracks and made us think about what we do in our lives- Mind Full vs Mindful – I think this say’s a lot of how we are in society these days – so much to do, jobs to rush to, relationships, keeping households and cars running, kids if you have them (we don’t)always having to think about stuff constantly can wear you down….unlike a dog who lives in the now and just enjoys the moment..


This year I returned to my former employer (Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources) after being away from them for 18 months….when I left I was drained and tired and hated being there……after I had been away from there for that all time and working in other Government Departments, I come to realise and appreciate how good it actually was there – so it has changed my whole perspective of the place and how I approach my workload.

So onwards and upwards for us, let’s hope that we can learn to be present and enjoy our special moments so that we can appreciate what we have in this life instead of complaining all the time about what we don’t have!!

How about you? Do you live in the NOW?

Have a great week everyone!!

Cheeries Dearies,

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Winter Blues!!!

Hi everyone in Cyberland,


It’s winter here in Australia at the moment, and I find myself once again being affected by it ~ they call it Seasonal Affective Disorder or the SADS – I call it the Winter Blues, as I do not feel I have a disorder of any type.

We are half way through the season and I really am hanging for spring right now.  I know the weather is going to get much worse before it gets better, so I am slightly miserable and depressed ~ all I feel like doing is hibernating away from people (which makes it difficult to go to work…LOL).  We don’t get snow where we live but we do get rain and very high winds that seem to go on for days at a time.  If we got snow at least I would have something to pretty to admire!!

All I want to do is stay home in my sanctuary and sleep ~ but somehow, sleeping doesn’t come easy as I find myself awake more than I am asleep – plus I am constantly tired.  Even typing this I feel my eyes getting heavy!!

I really need to exercise as I have put on so much weight (I can feel my clothes are just too tight), but I feel I don’t have the energy….I used to have energy….I think….it’s sort of a distant memory…..maybe!!

Just going to the shops wears me out so much that I need to crash afterwards..

Today I did the grocery shopping and by the time I got home I was exhausted and wondering how I didn’t stab anyone whilst I was out (stupid people were everywhere today)…and I haven’t done much since (except yawn a lot)…I guess it doesn’t help that everyone else in the family are not feeling well either…makes us all a miserable bunch of so and so’s!!

I don’t know when my turning point will come – I hope it is soon, but until it does I am just going to go with the flow and not stress about it too much (because if I stress about it things will get worse).

So how do you deal with the “Winter Blues”….tell me your secrets!!


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I haven’t forgotten you…

It has been a very long time since I have posted here….
I haven’t forgotten you all…
Just been very busy!!
I have a lot of ideas on what I want to post about ~ I just haven’t had the time…
I will be back soon!!
Until then, take care – smile often – love forever – keep well…

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I have a new toy…..

Hello my little peaches,

I have a new toy……oh yes…..I am blessed!!

excaliburThis is my Excalibur 9 tray Dehydrator.  Now I can make raw snacks and crackers, pizza bases, raw wraps, dried fruits and vegetables, including dried tomatoes.

Any excess in the garden can be dried for later use.

Also for my herbs for my herbal medicine, and when I go Witchy making my smudge sticks and kyphi incense.

The first couple of times I have made KALE Chips and I have dehydrated bread crusts to make my own bread crumbs (after all, shop bought bread crumbs have a whole load of different chemicals and numbers in them – I like to know what’s in the food I eat).
Kale chips

Here is a picture of my HUGE jar of Kale chips.

I also made some that have a cheesy taste to them – without any animal products – it’s made with a cashew cream, made cheesy by adding nutritional yeast (which is full of vitamin B12, which is really important for a plant based person like me).

I am so looking forward to creating new and exciting things with my new dehydrator and will post recipes on how to do it eventually (once I have sorted out the ingredients and quantities etc).

Until next time,
A happy witch

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The Witch within….

DARKWENCH LOGOMellow greetings my lovelies,

I haven’t written about this subject for a very long time:                      WITCHCRAFT.


I seem to have lost my way over the last few years, however I am now looking into my WITCHCRAFT journey as I feel I NEED this now more than ever.  I have let the so called “normal” world take it’s place and I find myself drained, lacking in energy and motivation to complete the simplest of tasks.  I find I suffer more from depression and the miseries a lot, and find myself just sitting on my derrière  and dwelling on it.  Diet has a bit to do with it, which I am endeavouring to clean up , as does exercise, which I am trying to do half an hour a day walking plus some gym work during the week (in our home gym in the garage) – but there is also another aspect – spirituality and nature awareness is needed to feel more complete.  I NEED this – always have and always will – to me, Witchcraft is a Nature based belief, and to me (my spirit) very essential.


I usually keep the witchy side of my life to myself, mainly because people can be so judgemental and nasty, but now I do want to sort of totally “Come out of the broom closet” so to speak.  Some of you who already know me personally understand that I have been this way for a very, very long time.  I just didn’t want you the new reader, to be shocked thinking that I have changed my tact from Health Professional to Witch overnight – as I do want to start talking about my witchy journey (as well as my health journey)  in future posts – let me explain further:

Ever since I was a wee slip of a girl I have been at one with nature, looking how things grow, how insects and animals interact with the earth, how the earth turns, how people mistreat the earth and it’s beings etc., and have always been interested in WITCHCRAFT.

I remember being in this huge field filled with buttercups when I was young, lying down amongst them and looking at the bright blue skies, just breathing in the scents and the warm air – being thankful to mother nature for putting it there for me to become one with, it just seemed so magical  – I felt so blessed (yes even back then I was very intense!!).

nature copy 2

My Mother being a stout Christian, didn’t like the idea of her daughter mixing in those circles, I’m sure she thought that I was going to get involved with DEVIL worshippers and have sex orgies etc,..LOL, and she tried through the years to get me interested in going to Church.  (well actually I was forced to every Sunday) – It just didn’t seem real to me, I couldn’t “just have faith” that the God  spoken about in the bible was viable. I couldn’t see him and how could he allow all the atrocities in the world to happen if he indeed was a loving God…I tried, I really did – right up into my adult life – but I found the bible to be truly horrific, full of killings and revenge, not at all a nice story to embrace, nothing to enhance ones spirit, all those parables that could have more than one meaning (sick of hearing every Sunday that I was going to hell, and that obviously you are not praying hard enough if things keep going wrong for you…it’s your fault, you should be on your knees 24/7 praying for forgiveness).  But I had to oblige up to a certain point as I was living under her roof.  I survived by going for very long walks in nature, sitting and earthing myself.

My Dad however, got off scot free – he  never went to Church, he just pottered around in his garden, growing veggies and flowers and herbs and all sorts of things.  He was the one who taught me all about nature and animals, the seasons, what to do, what not to do, when to do it, moon cycles etc., he was pagan and didn’t even know it.

When I was old enough to go to the local library I sought out books to do with witchcraft, wicca, paganism and the occult as I was fascinated with them, and over the years I have gained knowledge and nurtured that side of me so as to be more of an eclectic witch and green witch, basically taking bits and pieces from other witchcraft paths and making one that resonates with me and my garden on a spiritual level.   wicca scott cunningham

Books are my friends and my teachers, we have a whole library of books here at the Darkwench Castle – there is never nothing to read at any time.

Most Witchcraft is far from that ideal of satanism (as dear Mother would have thought it to be).  In most witchcraft there is no belief in Satan or the Devil, there is a belief in good and evil, black and white, yin and yang, in other words a balance of the light side and the dark side (feels like breaking into Darth Vader mode when I say this…LOL).  Yes there are some that do worship and believe in Satan, but I prefer to call them Satanists and not Witches, Wizards or Warlocks.  Most of us are not fanatics that wave our wands around willy-nilly, we mostly sit in nature, listening to the earth and it’s inhabitants, breathing the air, receiving the water and earth as it provides for us, feeling the warmth of the sun as it rises in the east and sets in the west.  I am an introverted witch, I steal inside myself to capture the spirit of the elements and ground myself to them.

I am a qualified herbalist, so yes – I do make up concoctions (potions, lotions, creams, tisanes, infusions and more) for my health and that of others if they so require, from my garden.  I make my own smudge sticks to purify and cleanse my house and property.  My garden is sacred to me and as of late I have let it down severely with neglect.  I will have to spend a lot of time out there and get it sorted so I can get it flourishing as before.

An Oracle of the wild Green WorldI also use RUNES, TAROT cards and ORACLE cards to give support and information regarding pathways to those who seek it.  I bought some lovely oracle cards the other day that just speak to me – The Faery Forest by Lucy Cavendish.  I love each and every card in this pack.  I have never used oracle cards before because I didn’t like some of the cards – but as I said, these ones speak to me.

So hopefully, after much study – I will be using these fairly soon.

I have also started to dress a bit more “witchy”, I haven’t done so for such a long time – my hubby is happy because he says he loves his witchy wife and wants me to dress to who I am, not to societies ideal. (I tell ya, I love that man to the moon and back – he is THE most supportive person I have ever met).

Anyway, so now I am looking at furthering my spiritual journey as well as my health journey…it’s just a total DARKWENCH JOURNEY, and this is after all what this blog is supposed to be about.

Even if you do not agree with my choices, I hope that you come back to my blog and catch up with me when you can – just park your broom (if you have one), pull up a chair by the hearth and have a cuppa with me – the cauldron is always bubbling!!

cuppaBut for now I bid thee a good night!


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Those who can do…Those who can’t review…

Hello Peeps,

As you know we (Paul, Caetlyn and I) have been involved in two shows within the Adelaide Fringe Festival of the Arts this year….”The Legend of Ned Kelly” and “Light, Camera, Action”.

The first week (opening week) is when all the so called “Critics” put their dusty artist rags on and come out of their closets to look down their pointy noses and review your shows, after all ~ some of them have been around the traps for years, even if they never made it onstage themselves.

We have been looking at a couple of these “REVIEWS” to see if we can improve our shows (we don’t mind people being critical of our work if it is constructive).

The first show of “The Legend of Ned Kelly” reviews were pretty bad..

The Irish Club, Sun 22 Feb

Was Ned Kelly a Hero or Villain? This is the question we, the audience are asked by the actors on stage, through words written by Deirdre Quinn and song and lyrics written by Tony Sutton and Sue Oldknow respectively. We are led through the events that took place during Ned Kelly’s and the Kelly’s Gang short life, with Ned’s eventual capture and hanging.

Although only still recent history for us as a Nation, as events only took place 140 years ago, the story and legend that is Ned Kelly was brought to life by a group of people who clearly like what they do, however there was room for improvement in the performances from most of those on stage and also in the execution of the production.

As a whole – basic stage craft seemed a little flawed with stage crew walking through scenes and actors and stage crew seen in the wings waiting to go on. Mismatched microphones intruded on eye lines for audience members, but also meant that actors were awkwardly moving forward (as the stage seemed a little too small for this story) to stand in front of the microphones so as to be heard over the piano and drums and then moving back into their scene. Though special mention must be made of Aden Quinn (as Dan Kelly) as he did work hard to be animated and brought life to the story and scenes.

As far as accents go, Paul McLean as Ned Kelly himself delivered an almost perfect Northern Irish accent, however, I do not believe this accent was the right choice for this production. Many other versions of accents were attempted by others on stage, but most could not decide where in Ireland they came from and often fell back into their Aussie twang.

Charissa McCluskey-Garcia

The Legend Of Ned Kelly continues at The Irish Club from 7.30pm until Sat 5 Mar.

Whilst I can say that the whole cast was a wee bit shaky on the night (opening jitters), and upon reviewing the video that Caetlyn did of the night ~ the stage changing was shite (this has now been altered by yours truly), the technical things like microphones and the size of the stage can not be helped.  When you have a big production you can not always play on a big stage and have to make adjustments on the night.

The critic say’s that Paul’s Irish accent was perfect, but not right for the show……um….excuse me??  Ned Kelly was of Irish decent, and his ancestors were from Northern Ireland – which is the accent that Paul’s ancestral family had… so it is Friggin’ PERFECT.

There was also another review (partial taken from the whole):

The good intention is there; the original songs are pretty damn good; and the show starts well. But from there it’s a slow train to a long wet weekend in Glenrowan.

Although well researched, the script is muddled in its structure and tends to confuse the audience about what happened earlier in the piece. There is an idea there – it just needs cutting and workshopping. It’s all too wordy and over-melodramatic – as is some of the acting.

I don’t think either of these reviewers were really into the whole Ned Kelly legend.  We have not altered the way this show is played – the only thing streamlined is that the scenes do not change whilst the songs are being sung, and last Saturday we played to a packed audience who were mostly “very Irish” and they loved it…we all got congratulations on a great show all round.

These reviews were by people who are not necessarily theatrical, what one person loves another hates etc., Sometimes you just can’t judge what the reviews are going to be like – you could put your best foot forward and have a perfect show, but the critics will not like it if it doesn’t appeal to them, then other times you can put on a show that you think hasn’t gone real well, and the critics love it!!


Then there is the review for Light, Camera, Action – which I have to admit, I thought the show went really badly….however, this critic loved it:

The Garage International @ Adelaide Town Hall, Fri 26 Feb
Light-painting artist and photographer Vicki Ferguson (Vix) once again enlightens the Adelaide Fringe with her unique and interesting style of art/photography. With the use of a camera set on long exposure, large projection screens, torches, tough cellophane (known as gels in the lightpainting scene), a lightsabre, sparklers and fire, Ferguson creates majestic and interesting imagery right before our eyes.

Of course, until the image is shown on the large projection screens we could only imagine what the final product would look like. The audience was thrilled with the display of the final images that produced beautiful pictures from all the light, sparkler and fire blurs seen running across the stage during the making.

Selected willing audience members were invited up on stage to pose and become part of the art, being surrounded by the light blurs Ferguson was energetically creating around them. All of the unique photographs created can be found on the shows Facebook page which Ferguson encourages participants to tag themselves in.

Throughout the show, Paul Danger McLean compliments Ferguson with soothing, almost mediative music and sounds created using his electronic guitar and EBow, plus the magical sounds of a Theremin.

To complete the glow of the hour, Ferguson ‘paints’ beautiful scenes and images on a large luminous canvas using only torch light. No sooner than the images appear, they fade but Ferguson quickly produces new ‘paintings’ in their place. With a little imagination and a whole lot of torch light, anything is possible.

Belinda James

Light. Camera. Action: The Live Lightpainting Experience continues at The Garage International @ Adelaide Town Hall until Wed 2 Mar.

vicky_show16-300x200 vicky_show17-300x200


SO this week we have two Light, Camera, Action shows – Tuesday and Wednesday nights (1st & 2nd March) @ the Garage International ~ Adelaide Town Hall, and one “Legend of Ned Kelly” show on Saturday 5th March @ 7.30pm – Irish club, Carrington Street, Adelaide – why don’t you come along and be the judge!!



Paul as Ned Kelly



Cheeries Dearies,

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And so another chapter in my journey begins…

Hello my lovelies,

Yes another era in my life has begun…

For the last 8 months I was assigned to TAFE SA as a temp, and whilst I made new friends there, I wasn’t real keen on the job itself…even though they say I did a damn good job and would have me back anytime!!

My assignment finished on the 19th February, 2016 – just in time for our part in the Adelaide Fringe Festival to start..

Our first show (The Legend of Ned Kelly) of which I am stage manager – Caetlyn is doing sound engineering and Paul is playing Ned Kelly, was on 21st February at the Irish Club – Carrington Street, Adelaide – it went great guns, with an average crowd (great actually for a Sunday night) – and with a few tweaks here or there, will be better the next time. (which is on 27th February – & 5th March at the same venue).

We also are supporting Paul and our friend Vix in the Light, Camera, Action show which is on at the Adelaide Town Hall on the following dates:


I don’t know after this two weeks what is going to be in store for me work wise….it keeps me on my toes.  But at the moment I am looking to spend more time in my garden, playing with my puppy dog Rudy, going for walks, getting more exercise and taking care of myself – just so I am fresh and fit for starting another assignment.

But right now it’s 1:45am and I need to go to bed, or this little witch isn’t going to be good for anything tomorrow.

Good Night!!

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Greetings Earthlings,

It is so nice to be on holidays – even if it is only for 11 days….but I’m gonna make sure it was well worth it..
I intend to do a lot of tidying up in the garden and house + continuing with my study AND making sure I am exercising and eating right..
I will be doing videos soon for my fitness journey (FAB@55) if anyone is interested….this way it will keep me on track by making me responsible for getting fitter and healthier – because everyone is watching…LOL!!

I will be vlogging my journey – all the good bits and bad bits…so beware!! You might see a side of me you have not seen before + a lot of it will be me with no makeup on (Hahahaha…..I think this is the disclaimer bit…LOL).
We are getting a new piece of equipment for the gym which will help all of us (Paul, Caetlyn & myself) with our particular gym needs – I will take a photo of that once we have it all set up (hopefully next week).

Snoopy Fitness

Snoopy Fitness

I weighed and measured myself this morning (OMG – no wonder my back aches!!) + took before pictures (and NO – I am not showing those until progress has been made), and am ready to start a journey to a better me.
In 2015 I made a lot of progress, I haven’t been ill as much this year as previous years (says she who has had a head cold for the last 2 weeks), and even when I get ill my recovery rate is a lot better (I’m usually sick for 3-4 months of the year). I only get side pains now when I eat the wrong foods (too much oily foods), or eat too much bread/past/rice.
I have been vegan/vegetarian (Plant based) officially since March 2015 – mostly vegan – and I am hoping to be totally vegan in 2016 (no more icecream..LOL).

Why VEGAN? Because I feel my best when I am eating a plant based diet – I have more energy – therefore more likely to exercise and do more with my life, I can control my weight, my brain thinks better – my thoughts are clearer, I am nicer to be around – more chirpier and I sing a lot, I am more bouncy and I have no back pain, thing do not seem so insurmountable and my coping skills are heaps better.
When not on this lifestyle I am lethargic, in pain, miserable, I can’t cope with life, I’m grumpy and snappy at everyone (especially family), I can’t study because I am always tired – go to bed tired and wake up tired, and generally hate myself – I feel old, passed it and decrepit.
Mind you I hate calling myself a vegan – I prefer the term “Plant Based” as a lot of vegans are total TWAT-Heads (especially the activist types)….I can’t stand their attitudes (intolerance) towards people who are not vegan, and I do not want to be associated with them.
So if you would like to see my progress, or join me in 2016 to get fitter and healthier, then by all means let me know and we will work on it together.

So here is to a fantastically fit future for 2016…

I am eating, moving and thinking toward the life that I want....

I am eating, moving and thinking toward the life that I want….

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