Hi there my little lovelies,

AJ Small

Let me tell you a little bit about myself…. my name is Annette, my nickname is (AJ), but you may also know me by my other “alter ego” nicknames of DARKWENCH (for blogging purposes) or ‘VelveT GlooM’ (BLACKNAIL Character), or ‘The Green Witch’  (on FaceBook).

I use nature and my garden to maintain health (because I don’t like going to Doctors) and spirituality ~ being an eclectic solitary practitioner of the ancient craft of witchery.

I was born in the darktimes through wind, hail and snow – in an old country called England. I loved growing up there with my Family.  My Dad (may he rest in peace) taught me all about respecting nature and animals. He would show me how to grow plants by the moon cycles and how to look after them – which sadly I lost the knack about 30 years ago, and in recent years just starting to get into it again.

We eventually came to Adelaide, South Australia, when I was 8 years old and settled down ~  we have been residing here ever since. It took me a long while to get accustomed to Australia, in fact it wasn’t until I met my darling husband (Paul or The Ghoul in BLACKNAIL), as he has given me a new appreciation for Australia on a natural level,  and also we have been fortunate enough to buy a mobile home and go travelling around Australia and appreciating nature in places we have not seen before.

I love bushwalking through nature and love to centre myself in it. Though I am very cautious of snakes and other poisonous things we have here in Australia… Whenever I am stressed, I just love to take a walk in a park, or the Botanic Gardens just to ground one’s spirit…


I love life and I want to be a fit and healthy old lady (when I finally get there…LOL).

If you want to know anything further, please do not hesitate to contact me – either on here or on Facebook and I will happily enlighten you… (I don’t bite, well ~ not hard anyway!!)..Bahahaha!

Cheeries Dearies,



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