This is a page dedicated to my beloved pooch ~ Gary “Dingamagoo” McLean, who passed away on 10th November 2015 after giving us just over 14 years of love.

On 4th July 2015 he turned 14 years old, and I must say he has been a dream dog to have.  He has given us hours of laughter, lots of love and kisses.  He was smart and a real gem!!

He loved watermelon juice and green smoothies and pestered me daily for them.  His favourite smoothie was Spinach, frozen banana, dates, vanilla essence and ginger powder mixed with 1 cup of oat-milk and 2 cups of iced water….we used to share it for lunch sometimes.

When I was watering my garden he wandered in and smelt every fruit or vegetable I was growing…I think he was testing to see if anything was ripe yet so he could have it in a smoothie!!!  He also loved bright pink flowers – in fact, pink was his favourite colour!!

He was also a “Care Dog” for our neighbour who has Parkinson’s Disease…our neighbours adopted him as their own as well because he spent a couple of days there a week and sometimes over the weekend…..when we go on holidays they used to take care of him for us.

gary_2He was a happy chappy!!

gaz drinking

Who drank out of water bottles when out and about.gary in stitches& always liked to participate in our videos too!!

He was a character and a half…

Gary Christmas 2011              Cool Dude in sunnies!!

Gary Easter Bunny

Why should I wear bunny ears? When I can’t have chocolate!!

DJ Gary                                                                 DJ Gazman shooting some tunes.

St Patrick's Day 2013

Loved to dress up…Happy St Patrick’s Day….

Gary and Horace the Hippo
          Loved toys………but….

Gary in troubleSometimes left a trail of destruction!!

fire pooch

Loved sleeping near an open fire in Winter time…

Fireside Gary


Loved by all who met him!!

Gary wanted me to share with you some of his favourite recipes for doggy treats, so look out for them in the drop down menu under ‘GARY’…

We had Gary cremated and half of his ashes went to next door and half to us, which I scattered whilst planting a bright pink Camellia in his honour (next door got a bright pink rose to do the same thing).  Every time I water the Camellia I talk to him….and I miss him greatly.  He will always be in my heart!!




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