In PART 1 we discussed what foods to NOT give your dog.  In this PART 2 we discuss what else to keep out of your dog’s reach as well.

While these don’t fall in a particular category above, you’ll want to avoid them as well:

Old food – You don’t like old and mouldy food, so what makes you think your dog will? The bacteria in spoiled food contains all sorts of toxins that can be damaging to your dog’s health. Feed them the freshest and best, dog-approved food only!

Leftovers – I know it’s difficult to keep your dog from feasting on your dinner left overs after they’ve had to sit there and watch you eat it all in front of them. But the fact is that if you feed them leftovers regularly they won’t be getting a proper diet. If you do give them table scraps, make sure to take out any bones and trim down the fat.

Check the ingredients – Bottom line is be sure to know what’s in the food you’re giving your dog. The items from the list above should definitely not be on there. You’d be surprised at how many foods contain sugar and caffeine, that you wouldn’t expect to without first checking the ingredient list.

Human snacks – Chips can contain garlic and onion powder, cookies may contain raisins, chocolate or macadamia nuts, etc. Bottom line – there’s a reason there’s food and treats made especially for dogs.

When in doubt, Ask a vet……
If your dog is acting strangely, or experiencing even minor symptoms including weakness, lack of coordination, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. and you think he or she may have consumed something they shouldn’t have, seek a veterinarian’s attention immediately. If you wait too long, your dog might not make it. You can also visit the ASPCA website: ~  for the most up-to-date details on safe foods for your dog.

Take care of your furbabies!!

Coming in PART 3 ~ Safe Human foods that your dog CAN eat…


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