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I’m ALL about being fit and healthy, especially as I am ageing.  I don’t want to be a burden on the society’s coffers by going to Doctors and Hospitals for medical treatment until I finally die of some horrible illness……NO……I want to be a healthy, happy, vibrant oldie.  I believe that what you put into your body (nutrition wise), exercise, good sleep, knowing when to just relax and when to play, is very important.

I must admit though, this year (2013) had been a difficult one for me and my family – emotionally and physically. I am not as fit as I would like to be and I have this undying laziness that has captured my very being.  I have to get out of this rut if I am going to succeed.  We all got through the winter very well – then I jinxed it by saying “WOW, this is the first year we have successfully gone through a winter and not caught any viruses or colds”….. Silly me, about 2 weeks after this statement we all came down with what the medical profession deem a “mutating or multiple virus”  this is where a virus starts out as one thing and then changes to another…for example – I started out with tummy pains – so I thought I had gastro, then it went to my ear, so I thought I had an ear infection – then my body ached like the flu, but I didn’t get the runny nose – then I developed a cough, and the virus seemed to start all over again.  This was on September 22nd – and since then none of us have felt well – It is now December 22nd as I write this.

Feeling Flat?

Feeling Flat?

So I have decided that 2014 is THE year of fitness.  My gym is all set up now, I have my equipment to make smoothies/juices etc., and I intend to get fit….so stay tuned here on the Health & Fitness page for healthy updates..

Snoopy Fitness

Snoopy Fitness

If you are so inclined, why don’t you join me on the fitness journey?

Comment below if you would like to join DARKWENCH HEALTH & FITNESS and we will get a little community of FIT BUDDIES happening.

Healthy Blessings to you ALL….



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