After seeing the Nutribullet advertised on the television and as my centrifugal juicer was on it’s last legs I decided to give it a go.  I thought it was a great idea, especially as my Pauly doesn’t like biting most fruits and vegetables – this way he would be able to drink them and get nourishment that way.

It cost $284.00 (AUD) and it was delivered about 10 days after I ordered it.

I have been using it off and on for about 3 weeks now and I have to say there are good and bad points about it.

The bad points are:

A.     It’s a wee bit noisy – louder than I expected it to be.  (not good when I’m wanting to make a smoothie at 6.00am when the rest of the family are still trying to sleep).

B.     It is not as smooth as they say it is on TV – depending on what you put in it, but I find anything with carrot, celery, in other words anything particularly hard (nuts/seeds), it kind of grinds them up and leaves a gritty kind of texture.  (I like smooth not gritty!!)

C.     You are instructed not to run it more than 1 minute – but sometimes not all of the ingredients are extracted enough in that time.  If you do run it for longer, your smoothie gets warm…Blech…..

The guy on TV – David Wolfe – shoves all these different ingredients in and his smoothies come out looking spectacular…I shove the same ingredients in and mine come out looking like baby pooh!! (as you will see further in this review).

The good points are:

A.     The smoothies ARE very filling and I can go all morning without snacking in between breakfast and lunch – which is good when you are trying to lose weight.

B.     I am ingesting fresh raw fruits and vegetables to help produce the essential enzymes in my tummy – which is making me feel a whole lot healthier.

C.     Hubby likes the fruit ones and is having more fruit lately than he has in 20 years!!

D.     It’s great for when you are on the run – you can whip a couple up and take them with you as the cups they provide have sealed lids – excellent for when I’m biking to work.

This morning I had Spinach, watermelon, strawberries, banana, cherries, almonds, flaxseed and topped it up with coconut water:


This is how it turned out:


Yep – baby pooh colour.  However, it did taste nice albeit a bit gritty.                                                I’m not a fan of the grittyness.

I went onto a Nutribullet forum to see if I can find some answers and there was a whole lot of people saying how after a while their’s started to get noisier and leaking and how it was a waste of money etc., which has got me a bit concerned.  But we will see how it goes – my juicer lasted over 20 years…I doubt that this will.

So in conclusion, I would recommend this product for only one reason – it’s a cheaper way into the smoothie generation – the smoothies that you can produce will help your health get better – and in turn make you feel better.  However, if you have a high powered blender, like a Vitamix (if you can afford one as they are about $899.00 AUD), then I would stick with that and not rush out to buy the Nutribullet.

On a scale of 0 to 10:   I give this product a 7 – good, but not quite as good as I expected it to be.



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