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Previously we spoke about a Lemon remedy to alkalise your body, today we are looking at another one, which is still considered a remedy even though you probably do not have this already in your kitchen ~ our star of this topic is ~ Apple Cider Vinegar!!

But not just ANY Apple Cider Vinegar ~ you have to make sure you buy the one that has the “Mother~Load” in it (in other words the sediment).

The one that I use is BRAGG’S:


I love this brand as it’s organic and states “WITH THE MOTHER” on the bottle, so you know you are getting the most benefit from it.  This can be found at your local Health Food Store.


Put up to 2 tablespoons (you can build up to 2 tablespoons if you are not sure of the taste) of ACV into a cup and fill with either cold or hot water (I think it tastes better with cold, but that is my preference), and drink it down.  Again, make sure you have this on an empty stomach and half an hour before anything else.  If you are feeling extremely bad, then take this concoction half an hour before each meal.

There are also many ailments that ACV can help with ~ just look at this chart:



I also use it for mosquito bites as it takes away the itches, or for any itches that you have (hives, shingles, skin rashes, acne)…and is also great in a dressing for your salad!!!

So treat yourself to a bottle of BRAGG’S today ~ you won’t be sorry!!

Good Health to you all,


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