Hello my Herbaceous Friends,

Today I am talking about alkalising your body.

Your body NEEDS to be alkalised to maintain your health ~ if you have test strips (which you can get from E-bay or a chemist/pharmacist/drug store) your PH level should be above 7.35.

With the diet that so many people adhere to these days (Standard Australian (or insert nationality here) diet), our bodies tend to be in a state of acidification.

When you eat a lot of meat, dairy, eggs, bread or anything with yeast in it (beer) ~ your body’s natural mechanism in dealing with these is to release acids into the intestines. If there is too much in the system, the acid makes it’s way through the intestinal wall and into your blood. Once this happens, dis-ease (or illness/un-wellness) can occur.

SO if you wake up in the morning feeling bloated and not up to par after eating or drinking ~ here is a little trick to get your system functioning in ~ Lemon water!!


Yes the humble lemon is your saviour ~

11If you feel just slightly under the weather then take the juice from half a lemon, put it in a cup and pour 200ml (3/4 cup) of “nearly” boiling water on top ~ sip until gone!! Do this BEFORE you have anything else to drink or eat and leave it in your system for at least half an hour.

If you are feeling a lot worse than slightly under the weather then you will need to amp this up a bit ~ take 2 lemons and peel them, leaving the pith (the white stuff) in tact. Halve them and deseed them and place them in your blender with 1-2 litres of water (35 – 70 Fl oz) and blend. Store in a glass bottle/jars and have a cup of it throughout the day 1/2 hour before eating.
If your blender is high speed enough, you will not have any “bits” to get caught in your throat ~ but if you don’t have a high speed blender you can sieve it before you drink it.

Nearly everyone has access to lemons or a lemon tree so this is an easy way to alkalise ones body back to health.

Good Health to you!!

In Part 2 ~ Using Apple Cider Vinegar to alkalise your system.


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