The Ghendarg of Buragia - Izzy's Quest.

The Ghendarg of Buragia – Izzy’s Quest.

Previously, a man claiming to be a distant relative of her family bewitched Izzy.

This man, Baron Van Den Burig sent her to the dark realm through the aid of his magical mirror to destroy the lycan queen Vienna, as she was supposed to be the wolf that killed her family and was attacking Izzy in her dreams.

In the dark realm, Izzy finds out the truth about the Baron and is trained and magically transformed into..
Isabelle – The High Priestess of Buragia.
A WITCH – and one to fear..
Now her quest has turned, with the help of her friends in both worlds, she is set to leave the dark realm and go back to her own to eliminate the blood thirsty murdering Baron….

But now The Baron’s illegitimate son Bora has turned up….what next?

Will The Baron murder Izzy and his own son to gain the wealthy inheritance?

Will Bora, murder Izzy and The Baron?

Or will Izzy kill them both?

Time will tell…..

Tick Tock goes the clock
The old ways are set
The passage is nigh
Time to move on
Or shall we DIE


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