R.I.P my beloved Gary…. — 3 Comments

  1. I am so sorry that your beautiful Gary passed away, he was so adorable. There’s never love quite like that than of a furbaby and it is a love that changes you forever. He will always be with you and I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned up in your dreams checking on you.

  2. Thank you my dear, dear friend, It has been a very hard couple of weeks. I still cry when I think of him dying.. it’s like losing a child. Lots of things remind me of him – even places we used to go to..
    I appreciate your words and understanding XxX

  3. My condoleances.
    Take your time to grieve my dear friend.

    Rest in peace dear Gary, you were indeed loved by many and certainly by your owners.
    You will not be forgotten!

    Much strength to all of you.

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