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As it is now Autumn here in our fair country, the summer fruits are soon going to be no longer available for us to buy cheaply (they will be around, but not very ripe or affordable during the autumn/winter/spring months), so here are a few tips on freezing nice, ripe fruit so you can enjoy it in your smoothies or deserts all year round.

It is SO easy you will wonder why you paid lots of hard earned dollars to buy those frozen fruit packs at the supermarket ~ and with the latest scare of Hepatitis A (due to faecal matter being in the fruit) in the frozen fruit which gets imported to this country, who wants to take that risk?  At least if you do it yourself, you know that it has been cleaned and prepared hygienically!

First off, if you see a bargain at your green grocers (like I did this week with bananas and strawberries), buy up big and run home!!  I got 3 kilo of bananas for 59 cents a kilo and 2 large punnets of strawberries for $1.00…woohoo!! (Believe me, they are usually WAY more expensive than that).

Bananas 1

Nice ripe bananas ~ look for the brown spotting to know if they are ripe or not ~ no spots ~ not ripe!!

So you know you can freeze these and lots of other fruit right?
You don’t need any special tools ~ well,
except some plastic wrap, a container and a freezer!!

BANANAS:      First get a sheet of plastic wrap on your bench top and start peeling the bananas ~ break banana in half and then place on plastic wrap, roll until banana covered.  Peel another one and break in half then place underneath the other banana, rolling the plastic wrap over it, then do a third one ~ and pack up the little parcel of Nanas!!  Keep doing that until you have no more left to do and pop them in the freezer.

All wrapped up and waiting to go in the freezer!

All wrapped up and waiting to go in the freezer!

STRAWBERRIES:     With the strawberries, I cleaned and removed the stalks plus any bits of the berries that were going bad (luckily there wasn’t many with brown bits on!!), wash them and slice them:

I'm in berry heaven!!

I’m in berry heaven!!

Then I layered them in an old ice cream container (cleaned and recycled of course) with plastic wrap in between the layers:

Ready for freezing!!

Ready for freezing!!

Once you have filled your container, pop them in the freezer.  Once frozen you can remove them from the plastic wrap and just pop them back in the container ~ they will stay separated!!

You can do this method with any other berry that you desire ~ blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, mulberry, etc., so don’t be afraid to try it.

What do you do with the peelings etc.,from the fruit?  Why I put it in the compost bin!!

Let the goodness go back into the garden and feed the worms!!

Let the goodness go back into the garden and feed the worms!!

As for other fruits like MANGO ~ peel and slice the mango into strips and place in a container like the berries using the plastic wrap to separate the slices (try not to overlap the fruit or it will stick together whilst it freezes and will be hard to separate).  You can also freeze this in cubes if you wish.

APPLE & PEAR ~ clean, core and slice your fruit and squeeze lemon juice over the pieces, place them in a container with plastic wrap in between.

I haven’t tried to freeze stone fruits as I don’t think they would do so well ~ but maybe one day I will get up the gumption to give it a go (maybe when the price comes down!!)

AVOCADOS ~ did you know that it is essentially classed as fruit, and you can cut the fruit in half, remove the stone, peel the skin off and cover with lemon juice, cover in plastic wrap and pop in the freezer ~ these are good if you are wanting to make lovely vegan salad dressings, guacamole dip or adding a creamy sensation to your green smoothies!!

SO there you have it ~ a quick run down on how to freeze your fruit so that you can enjoy it longer…….

Oh and by the way ~ when you label your bananas, don’t let your husband near them or you can end up with a conversation happening on your freezer bag:

Bananas 4

I hope this post helped you ~ if it did, leave me a comment :o)

& Remember to get your fruit on!!


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