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I did promise on my Page about RAW food that I would give you a list of folk that I have followed, whom have helped me gain knowledge about RAW Foods.

As I have said previously, there are some genuine ones out there ~ and then there are those who just want to sell you their products (and charging quite a bit of money for their wares too!!)

When I first started out I went onto YouTube and typed in RAW Food.  A lot of different videos came up, so many that it was really confusing.  So I had to narrow it down.  I found an Aussie chick who lived in Adelaide (She has since moved to Queensland), called Freelee The Banana Girl.  Freelee worked for me because I could understand everything she was saying ~ some of the American ones use products we have never heard of over here!!.

But I soon got sick and tired of the constant battle that Freelee and her boyfriend Harley were having with others on the internet, it just became monotonous and boring.  I didn’t want to waste hard earned bandwidth on garbage!! There is a lot of in-fighting within the RAW food community, people getting banned from RAW food events etc., which I think is just pathetic on everyone’s part.  How can we promote a lifestyle of health and harmony when there is so much discord in the community?

Then I found this lovely Southern Belle who goes by the name of TannyRAW ~ this woman just radiates positivity, even through hard times.  She is a life coach and has some very great ideas and recipes (plus I LOVE her accent!!).

This is Tanny’s YouTube Channel:  Tanny RAW
Tanny’s Web site:  https://www.tanny-raw.com

I also found an Aussie RAW food channel which only gives you recipes and facts ~ they never get involved with the arguing and bickering amongst others…which is refreshing ~ they are:

RAW Blend: Raw Blend Blog

These are the main two RAW Foodies that I go to on a regular basis, however – here are a list of other YouTubers that I sometimes visit too:

The Honest Vegan

Megan Elizabeth’s YouTube

Laura Miller’s RAW. VEGAN. NOT GROSS..

Fully RAW Kristina

Mimi Kirk

Karyn RAW

You will notice that these are all females, it seems the males always want to sell you something..LOL…  I used to watch a few of them, but I got sick of them plugging their latest DVD, Potions, Books etc., and even though most of the above ladies have books out ~ there doesn’t seem to be such a push to sell you everything!!

Some of them are younger ladies, some are more mature (I really love the over 50’s that look so young and take care of themselves ~ like Mimi and Karyn ~ it shows age is just a number and you CAN take control of your life!!)

So I hope this will help you on your RAW Food journey….and remember, you can always contact me and ask questions as well.

Get your fruit on!!


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