Watermelon juice is something that I have every morning (in the Summer time) to hydrate my body.  You would be surprised about the benefits of this lovely summer fruit ~ so here are ten benefits that I know of:

1.     It is highly alkalising.
2.     It reduces high blood pressure. (Mine has gone back to normal)
3.     Reduces heart disease (as it is high in citruline)
4.     Reduces blood sugar. (I don’t have hyperglycaemic attacks anymore)
5.     It is super-super hydrating.
6.     It boosts the immune system.
7.     It strengthens your bones.
8.     It gives you heaps of energy (I can vouch for this!!)
9.     It cleans out your kidneys and flushes your liver.
10.   It is rich in Lycopene ~ which is what gives it the red colouring… (When absorbed from the intestine, lycopene is transported in the blood by various lipoproteins and accumulates primarily in the blood, adipose tissue, skin, liver, and adrenal glands, but it can be found in most tissues.  Preliminary research has shown that people who consume foods with lycopene in them may have a lower cancer risk).

So who doesn’t want to have benefits like that huh???

However, did you know that you can get what they call “Champagne Watermelons”?  They are yellow inside ~ but taste just like normal pink watermelon (but they cost a little more!!)

YELLOW WATERMELONThis is one I bought yesterday!!

It has the same benefits ~ except the lycopene ~ but they still contain vitamins A and C, several B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, and phosphorous, AND they taste yummy too!!

So here is how I make my “WATERMELON JUICE” each day ~ you will need a good blender (I have a vitamix, but that may be too expensive for some of you so just use what you have), and a good chunk of watermelon!!


Chop up the watermelon and put into your blender...

Chop up the watermelon and put into your blender…Some people put the rind in too, but I don’t like the bitter taste it gives the juice ~ so I don’t.

STEP 2.   Blend the heck out of it for about 1 minute on the highest setting….if you have a vitamix you may have to use the Tamper to push the melon into the blades.  If you don’t you may have to stop your blender and push the melon into the blade area several times.


Pour out your juice and enjoy!!

Pour out your juice and enjoy!!

Now you might be asking yourself “Why is she putting some in a glass and some in a bowl?”  Well, the answer to that is my 13 year old dog Gary just LOVES WATERMELON JUICE….it gives him energy too and is good for his digestive system.  Most dogs love watermelon ~ so try some on your beloved pooch too!!

Gary loves WATERMELON, though I think he prefers the pink one as pink is his favourite colour!!!

Gary loves WATERMELON, though I think he prefers the pink one as pink is his favourite colour!!!

By the way, watermelons make great eating too….lovely straight from the refrigerator on a hot day…..AND with the juice you can make watermelon popsicles too…YUMMO!!

So next time you are at your grocers and you spot a watermelon, just think of the benefits it could have for you and buy it……you won’t be sorry!!




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