This is Rudy, we adopted him from the RSPCA on the 6th January 2016.  According to them he is 5 years old, but we beg to differ as he still had puppy breath and his feet were huge – he still had some growing to do, so we estimated that he was around 3 years old.

Rudy has some “issues” – he HATES cats and other dogs, birds and small children…he also has a few issues with his left hand back leg, there are a few dents and scars around there and also on his head, so I presume he was attacked at some stage or was abused by some dastardly humans.

When we got him he was full of anxiety and used to rip toys up out of nervousness within seconds, he hates loud noises and when people argue and raise their voices….so I have to wonder what kind of a home he came from.  He spent a long time in the RSPCA and was adopted out once, but the lady brought him back because she couldn’t handle him.

He is a loving and very talkative pooch and is the KING of Tummy Rubs!!

img_5835He has really taken to Paul, and loves to cuddle with his Dad, plus go in the ute on trips with him.

He is really quite gorgeous and I can not imagine why nobody has taken the time to give him the love he so desperately needed.

Now he is a different dog (OK we can’t take him for walks because he hates anything cat, dog, bird or child like), but he is more relaxed, knows our routine now and just loves us all.

He is one special Pooch.

He has taken over our old dog Gary’s job next door as a care dog, and even their Cleaner loves to play with Rudy and has play dates with him every 2nd Friday.  They say we have been extremely lucky to find another dog that is so much like Gary in one respect, but very much his own dog in another…and it is true – we have been very lucky!!



He’s not too keen on dressing up yet, but I’m sure he will get into the swing of theatrical entertainment…LOL..


Chilled puppy!!

Chilled puppy!!




 is good!!

Relax….life is good!!


I will add more photos of him over the years, but I have to say that we are so happy that we got to rescue this lovely boy from a green dream fate that would have awaited him eventually.

Much Woofy Hugs,